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Zounds Rechargable Hearing Aids Provide 90% Noise Cancellation

We Provide Superior Quality at a Lower Cost to Person Wearing Our Hearing Aids

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Hearing Aids by HHW: Taming Your Tinnitus

There is no cure for Tinnitus but we can help

If you deal with tinnitus, chances are you’ve reviewed many options to dampen the incessant ringing in your ears.


The last thing you desire is to invest in treatments that don’t solve the problem. No person in Ozaukee County wants that!


Hearing Aids by HHW has a better option for Ozaukee County  tinnitus sufferers: Try our hearing aids. See if they help. We hope so. If not, you pay zero, and have nothing to return.


Other hearing aid companies around Ozaukee County might make you place an order, pay entirely, then bring back the hearing aid if it doesn’t work. Not at Hearing Aids by HHW.


Simply stop in for a free hearing test with our state-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. She’ll program a hearing aid based on the findings. You can try the hearing aid right there; you’ll know immediately if it fits your needs.


If you purchase a hearing aid and still end up returning it, we won’t charge a restocking fee if conditions in the agreement are followed. If you can’t stop by Hearing Aids by HHW, we’ll even visit your home in Ozaukee County to provide you a hearing test, along with a hearing aid test run.


Tinnitus has no cure. But the correct hearing aid can cover up tinnitus, replacing its ringing with normal, everyday sound. You can try a hearing aid with absolutely no obligation at Hearing Aids by HHW. Why not give it a try?  We are not far for anyone living with tinnitus in Ozaukee County.


Here are some other sought-after features of our hearing aids: a price often half that of competing similar hearing aids, and rechargeable batteries that can save you hundreds of dollars.


An estimated 50 million people in the U.S., including people living in Ozaukee County, suffer from tinnitus on some level. We’d like a chance to treat every one. You see, we’re zealous at Hearing Aids by HHW about helping people hear more clearly. Visit us and see if you can’t be the next one.

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