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Zounds Rechargable Hearing Aids Provide 90% Noise Cancellation

We Provide Superior Quality at a Lower Cost to Person Wearing Our Hearing Aids

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HH&W Hearing Aids: The Sound of Value

For residents of Milwaukee County, using a hearing aid is about improving your quality of life. Simple pleasures such as spending time with grandkids, listening to television or just enjoying conversation can all be found again with a high-quality hearing aid.


The top hearing aid is worthless, though, if you can’t afford it.  Most Milwaukee County hearing aid users agree.


At Hearing Aids by HHW, you’ll never have to decide between price and function.  Our hearing aids deliver the top-flight sound quality you desire, at a cost often half that of competing comparableproducts.


In addition, because our name is on the line, we grasp it has to be the best – no questions asked. “Quality” isn’t just a buzzword with Hearing Aids by HHW. Rather, it’s a real, obvious difference that you’ll observe.


You’ll also observe the differences in our hearing aids: Rechargeable batteries, so you never have to acquire new batteries. A remote control, so you can change a hearing aid’s levels while it remains in your ear.


Our quality extends to service, too. Stop in for a free hearing test, performed by a state-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. Our Milwaukee County-local employees aren’t paid on commission, so you’ll never feel obligated to purchase. In fact, we’ll even come to your home for a hearing test or to fit an aid. When’s the last time a business offered Milwaukee County “house call” service?


At Hearing Aids by HHW, our differences are likeable ones. Quality of life doesn’t have to be costly. With a hearing aid from HHW, you’ll find it both affordable and priceless.

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