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Hearing Loss Facts

Older Adults

More than 60% of older adults have a hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Affects You And Your Loved Ones

We are thrilled and proud to be able to improve the lives of residents in Elm Grove, Brookfield, Milwaukee, Mequon and all of southeast Wisconsin with better hearing through the incomparable quality of Zounds hearing aids.


Hearing loss can affect people’s most treasured relationships with their children, grandchildren and friends. Our goal is to help them fully regain their communication abilities through better hearing, so that they can live life to the fullest.


Zounds hearing aids eliminate 90 percent of background noise. This annoying distraction is the top complaint of hearing aid wearers, affecting both their ability to communicate and quality of life.


Besides our unprecedented hearing aid sound quality, Zounds hearing aids have other features that greatly improve ease of use for wearers.


The hearing aid devices are:

  • Completely Rechargeable eliminating the need for owners to buy batteries
  • With an overnight charge readies the hearing aids for 18 hours of use

Zounds hearing aids also feature a remote control, providing wearers greater control over volume and sound quality. The remote control is included free on all hearing aids - many competitors charge $400 or more for this feature.


The first step to better hearing and quality of life is a free hearing test at our Zounds Hearing Center, performed by a state-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. For customers who don't drive, our professional staff makes in-home "house calls" for hearing tests and to fit hearing aids.


More information call us at the Elm Grove location at 262-395-4421, the Bayside location at 414-446-5207 or schedule an in-home appointment today.


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